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Siemens to Acquire Industrial Drive Technology Business of ebm-papst

Siemens AG has signed an agreement to acquire the industrial drive technology (IDT) business of ebm-papst. The business, which employs around 650 people, includes intelligent, integrated mechatronic systems in the protective extra-low voltage range and innovative motion control systems. These systems are used in free-range driverless transport systems. The planned acquisition will complement the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio and strengthen Siemens’ position as a leading solutions provider for flexible production automation.

西门子公司已签署协议,收购依必安派特(ebm-papst)的工业驱动技术(IDT)业务。该业务拥有约 650 名员工,包括保护性超低电压范围内的智能集成机电一体化系统和创新运动控制系统。这些系统用于自由行驶的无人驾驶运输系统。此次计划收购将补充西门子 Xcelerator 产品组合,并巩固西门子作为灵活生产自动化领先解决方案提供商的地位。

Cedrik Neike, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO of Digital Industries, said: “Ebm-papst’s innovative portfolio of mechatronic drive systems and its highly qualified people are an excellent fit for Siemens. The acquisition will enable us to tap new business and customer potential in the rapidly growing market for intelligent, battery-powered drive solutions in intralogistics as well as mobile robot solutions.”

西门子股份公司董事会成员兼数字化工业首席执行官 Cedrik Neike 表示:“依必安派特的机电一体化驱动系统创新产品组合及其高素质人才非常适合西门子。此次收购将使我们能够在快速增长的市场中挖掘新的业务和客户潜力,为内部物流和移动机器人解决方案提供智能电池驱动解决方案。”

IDT products are intelligent, integrated mechatronic systems, which support the automation and digitalization of production processes. This acquisition will be a strong addition to the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. Through their use in mobile robots and driverless transport vehicles as well as in the automation of auxiliary processes, such as the retooling of modern production machines, they are an important lever for greater flexibility and productivity. For this reason, high market growth is expected in this market segment.

IDT产品是智能、集成的机电系统,支持生产过程的自动化和数字化。此次收购将成为西门子 Xcelerator 产品组合的有力补充。通过在移动机器人和无人驾驶运输车辆以及辅助流程自动化(例如现代生产机器的改造)中的使用,它们成为提高灵活性和生产力的重要杠杆。因此,预计该细分市场有望实现高市场增长。

The integration of the IDT portfolio into the existing automation portfolio and the utilization of Siemens’ global sales network will open up new market access and generate significant business potential in the area of flexible and autonomous factory automation.


The transaction is to be completed by mid-2025, subject to the necessary foreign trade and merger control approvals. The IDT business of ebm-papst is located in St. Georgen and Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, and in Oradea, Romania. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

该交易将于2025年年中完成,但须获得必要的外贸和并购管制批准。依必安派特的IDT业务位于德国圣格奥尔根 (St. Georgen) 和佩格尼茨河畔劳夫 (Lauf an der Pegnitz) 以及罗马尼亚奥拉迪亚 (Oradea)。双方同意不透露并购价格。

“The acquisition by Siemens is a strategically significant step for us. What our industrial drive technology (IDT) business had lacked until now was a global sales organization for maximum growth. Siemens is a long-standing customer and a company with strong international market penetration and an extensive customer base. The integration that has now been agreed upon will give our IDT business global market access. It will open up new horizons for innovation and further growth,” added Dr. Klaus Geißdörfer, CEO of the ebm-papst Group. “We’ll use the proceeds from the sale of the IDT business to further expand our Air Technology and Heating Technology divisions, to further strengthen our three regions–Europe, Asia and the Americas–and to invest in future fields of our product portfolio, such as digitalization and sustainability.”

依必安派特集团首席执行官 Klaus Geißdörfer 博士补充道:“西门子的收购对我们来说是具有战略意义的一步。迄今为止,我们的工业驱动技术 (IDT) 业务所缺乏的是实现最大增长的全球销售组织。西门子是我们的长期客户,也是一家拥有强大国际市场渗透力和广泛客户基础的公司。现已达成一致的整合将使我们的 IDT业务能够进入全球市场。它将为创新和进一步发展开辟新的视野。我们将利用出售 IDT 业务的收益进一步扩大我们的空气技术和供热技术部门,进一步加强我们的三个地区——欧洲、亚洲和美洲——并投资于我们产品组合的未来领域,如数字化和可持续性。”

This investment in intelligent, integrated and network-connected mechatronic systems underscores Siemens’ commitment to sustainable innovation and its position as a leading supplier of systems and solutions for future-oriented, flexible production automation.